Budget Commander: Flicker: Part one: Picking your commander

Hello, Let me start you off this is Extreme Budget. I’m talking 20$ MAX for a deck where a lot of “building on a budget” to them means “I’m not going to force you to spend +50$” Here is where we are going to take the dirt cheep cards that can really shine. This can include cards from commons to mythic but the entire job is to have fun building a deck. rather then only fun playing (where building hurts your wallet and makes you feel guilty)


First job of every commander deck is the commander (duh) But why are we even discussing this? there IS A FLICKER COMMANDER called Roon of the Hidden Realm he is even part of the flicker commander set. I mean. it’s his only ability! and the best part his He will only run you about a buck or two. (commanders we can splurge… SLIGHTLY on)

To further explain why we are not just picking him we need to decide on colors for our flicker and for that we are going to go into the cor of flicker. White / Blue. These two colors are REQUIRED for flicker decks. the reasoning is they handle the most flicker cards.

Cloudshift Deadeye Navigator Flickerform Ghostly Flicker


Black is the third runner up in colors that can cast “Flicker” cards but black tends to be more about creatures entering the graveyard and bringing them back in strange ways

Undying Evil Rescue from the underworld

Red and green… well… the closest thing to a “Flicker” Card your going to get is Changeling Berserker


Back to the main point of colors. we HAVE to go white blue. but now we deside on what colors to mix in. or any at all. White and blue cards have a LOT of good enter the battlefield effects to throw around and you can make a deck just White blue. but do you Diversify or play to the Strengths of Preventative White and Shenanigans Blue? Lets look at a few colors we can go into

Red: Red will have a good amount of control with flicker, From blowing up Important lands that skyrocket their mana pool with Faultgrinder, annihilating creatures with burning fire with Spitebellows (Furystoke Giant for runner up in damage) or my favorite card to flicker in red Zealous Conscripts will make anyone think twice from putting an Eldrazi into play

Green: Green is the most common one. as going green will lead you to a SCARY amount of hitting potential with a lot of ETB effects. but you’ll be more likely using it for mana ramp. finding lands with Farhaven Elf and summoning creatures nonstop with Trostani’s Summoner. Not to say you cant go though your deck a few times using Brutalizer Exarch

Black:  Black is BIG on control, not in the same way red or blue is, But you get to make a big impact… on some one else. Kill cards like Nekrataal and Morkrut Banshee along with forcing people to Discard with Liliana’s Specter. You can aslo bring back cards with Gravedigger and Entomber Exarch You wont have as many option. but you do have some good ones


So. lets go back to commanders and remember we have a few options of what you want to do with a commander. I like to boil down to three concepts of what you Really want your commander to do

1. Abuse the general idea of the deck (using flicker on it)

2. Creating the general idea of the deck (It using Flicker on stuff)

3. Help the deck along (giving you a chance to … USE flicker or making a win Condition)

there are not a lot of commanders in these colors that can be abused by being flickered (exception being Lavinia of the Tenth or Merieke Ri Berit is super … super funny)


In RWU there are only three commanders you can even use Numot, the Devastator is a good card. but trust me. People see that in a command zone and will attack you relentlessly. people DO NOT Like having their lands blown up. Ruhan of the Fomori will be more then likely a ok bet. but nothing special about it and 7/7’s are not that special in Commander even if he is starting as 4 mana. Zedruu the Greathearted is a much better bet. as even if you give away small stuff. drawing two cards a turn is a BIG DEAL. and you can abuse some flicker stuff giving things away like Grid Monitor


if you go GWU I would stick with Roon of the Hidden Realm. Rubinia Soulsinger is good control and a deterrent but really Roon will seal the deal


In BWU there are a few more options but not in the normal flicker idea. Sharuum the Hegemon Will let you get back a few important Artifacts you want incase they are destroyed but not really want you want in this deck. Oloro, Ageless Ascetic is a Solid commander that will keep your life up and give you more breathing room to get into that Glorious Flicker late game.

My pick for my budget Flicker deck is the Merieke Ri Berit Low mana cost. Control, and destruction all in one package. This card will DESTROY any controlled card that she grabs with the downside of not able to untap. you can flicker her in and out to be a source of control. and No  one wants to play their 6 mana commanders without some fear of Merike Grabbing her soft hands all over it. The moment she hits the field their options are kill it in one round. or be Extremely cautious about summoning their trump creature card


Not to say just WU has some GOOD commanders in it

Gwafa Hazid, Profiteer Fits under the same idea as Meki preventing some big hitters from swinging at your face. specifically vs decks with commanders who go for commander damage.

Isperia, supreme Judge is a surprisingly cheep card and will hold a lot of attackers at bay (dont expect to draw a lot of cards. expect to NOT be attacked )

Daxos of Meletis is not really abused by flicker, but at any stage of the game is a good card. small bit of life gain and generally you can find some one to attack and get some free cards out of it. Because of the wording you can cast Red cards without being able to produce red mana.

We will go into the ends and outs of Flicker in the next part.



Author: Austin Sutherland

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