Budget Commander: Flicker: Part Two: Why Budget?

The point of budget is not to BEAT the expensive decks. It’s to stand a fighting chance with a deck you don’t feel guilty being late on rent with 

Your Always going to bump into that guy who drops 100-150$ on an EDH deck that he plays “Casually”  some times you beat him. a lot of times you wont. Its a card game. If you like to win to the point were you are ememotionally upset when you lose. you should stop reading right now


Lets face it. There are a LOT of Enter the Battlefield effects. So what do we pick?

Understanding Flicker

— What we are looking for are effects that will help in the long run. or giving answers. We are looking for cards that when we flicker it. it makes it worth wile. To get this we are going to look at a simple concept of Drawing cards. When we Cloudshift a Card most of the time its to save its life by fizzling spells or triggers. (we will get into that in part three) but when you cloud shift Wall of Omens what Cloud shift is really saying is “W – Instant – Draw a card” Its not a bad spell… but what if it could say “W1 – Instant – Draw two cards” when you aslo have a Mentor of the Meek out Then suddenly Cloudshift starts looking like a CRAZY good card. now. Lets make it even more interesting. by Adding the golden Goose of Flicker decks Mulldrifter

Mulldrifter is a special SPECIAL card. and it has uses to crazy heights. one its flying so we can use it to block, Two its ETB is SUPER good. a “W – instant – Draw two cards” starts looking close to the 700$ Ancestral Recall for $1.50 don’t get me wrong Recall is a FANTASTIC card. but its not $698.50 better. and that’s why we are looking at budget cards.


The other day I was playing agiesnt some one who put a good chunk of change into his flicker deck.  we played twice and one of the main cards he brought out was Consecrated Sphinx (15$) to draw enough cards, to the point of next turn he put out a Prophet of Kruphix($4) then at his end step he discarded Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger ($12.50) then cast Karmic Guide ($6) to put Vorinclex in play during my upkeep.

It does not matter WHAT deck you play. if your dropping $38 on four cards It doesn’t matter if your playing a flicker deck or not. Your just playing Good cards. Does any of those cards really have any Synergy. no. You might as well play Cromat as your commander and just do whatever. Because none of those are really good with flicker, besdies Karmic Guide and even then your probably not going to want to pay its Echo Cost

Intrestingly enough I talked to the guy and he did not have Nevermaker in his deck. and its probably the BEST card to flicker in the game.


Lets take a look at another Budget Comparason Pilgrim’s Eye  vs Solemn Simulacrum

$0.25 — Pilgrim’s Eye cost three and puts the land into your hand 1/1 Flyer

$4.50 — Solemn Simulacrum costs finds a land and put it into play

If you dont have any lands in your hand. Pilgrim’s is Actually better mana acceleration because then you can play it untapped If you do have lands in your hand, then Solem is better as it will boost your mana for the next turn. now if you notice i’m not counting the fact that when it dies. you draw a card. and that is because we are playing a flicker deck. when it dies is not something we strive for. its a bonus don’t get me wrong. but… do you want to pay 1800% of a Pilgrim’s eye? Like… will drawing that card, or putting it into play tapped REALLY change your life? probably. but not by $4 much. thats the price in magic. Good cards are dirt cheep. and Great cards are expensive and the jump is about 5$


$1 Soul’s Attendant

$18  ">Auriok Champion 

Is pro Red/black really that important. if your playing for serious matters. YES IT IS. It stops most burn/kill creature spells and you need it out to gain that massive life. if your playing for fun. its once again not worth the 1800% upcharge. Im serious. Check the cost its in Cardkingdom.


If you look hard enough you can find some silly Budget cards that people end up go “Huh… I never thought of that”


for example is a Big budget card and It’s effectively a Board wipe With two strange aspects

One. when you flicker it you can keep flipping cards face down and laughing.

Two. When you Flicker your FACE DOWN CARDS they come into play face up

Sunblast Angel is in the same boat. Is a Strange card. a Lot of the time you can bluff players when you have it out. if you have a flicker card in your hand. if they swing out at you just flicker it and bam. if you DONT have a flicker card in your hand. just stare at the guy and hold up one of your other cards and pretend its a Cloudshift. And both of them can be used in lue of some of the expensive Board wipe cards like Wrath of God

If you want to Find cards like I do, Go to Cardkingdom advance search. and type in “Enters the battlefield” and you will find a lot of cards to go though



Author: Austin Sutherland

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