Budget Commander: Ultimate Defenders

That is the whole idea of this machine, you know. Deterrence is the art of producing in the mind of the enemy… the FEAR to attack.

-Dr Strangelove

We will be talking about the creatures that are so good at defending, it makes people simply… not attack you. things that make 20/20 trample monsters tread carefully.

Not Chumps. But Heroes

These are the guys that most people know about and I wont even go into the one drop death touch guys because those are… obvious(Deadly Recluse). I’m here to talk to you about the strange “never seen that card before” kind of defenders that people will gawk at and wonder why they haven’t added the same.

These are not cards like Fog Bank. Fog bank doesn’t deter some one from attacking you (in commander probably make them more likely to attack other people) We are going to talk about cards that STOP them from attacking you. We will go from popular to Obscure

The point of these defenders is not to stop one creature, But to stop creatures from EVERY player. If some one swings their 6/6 and you kill it with Loyal Sentry, then its dead and your free game to everyone’s 6/6.  But people don’t like losing things. So now you have a 1/1 that stops Everyone’s Prize creature  from each player from attacking you.

Serene master is one of the best ones and is making a name in the commander decks. I had to reread the card a few times and to answer your question… “Yes, its as BS as you think it is” A player attacks you with a 12/12 Nessian Wilds Ravager the trigger hits the stack and makes Serene Master a 12/2 and the Nessian 0/12. This works Extremely well for things that have trample/lifelink/deathtouch. This card is overall SUPER hard to deal with using creatures.

Not really a Chump blocker (costing the whole… seven mana and everything) but this guy is probably the most effective Deterrent. Zero people are going to attack you with Engulfing Slagwurm untapped (except those that can get around that, but we don’t talk about that.) the fact that its destroyed before damage is dealt AND Life from the creatures toughness will stop anyone from swinging a big hitter at you.

These are the Prime examples of Super defender cards. I was playing a game and a dude opted out of attacking me with Kozilek, Butcher of Truth due to my Loyal sentry would just kill it. even after I would take the Annihilator 4. these two work really well with cards that flicker/ bounce as you can do it in response to the trigger. Defiant Vanguard has a few other uses like if you put Lure on him you can literally wipe their field INCLUDING Progenitus and his ability to grab a Rebel brings me to the next on the list

This little lady is a fun one. not as destructive as the other two. but she has some uses. sadly she does not work super well vs things that have trample but being the fact that she is not destroyed is a huge step up. leaving the mana open is a little bit of a pain but anyway. She will stop a lot of things from swinging and 3 toughness makes her a little less prone to being shot up.

This card is not a Deterrent as a lot of the others are but the bonus is the fact that you hold EVERYTHING hostage rather then just the swinging creature. This is the bluff card. some one thinks about attacking and you just Casually mention “Hey, that’s a nice Riku of Two Reflections you have. It’d be a shame if something happened to it. There might be more valuable targets but no one likes risking their own stuff and wont call you out on the bluff.

These guys are REALLY scary to people swinging with commanders. and indestructible creatures as it gets around all of that. The risk of shuffling commanders is far to great. Making it nearly impossible to get it back unless your deck is trained for it. These are aslo good for Bounce cards and flicker abilities at instant speed to bounce vortex  or Gomazoa after useing the trigger. To replay your super blockers.

These guys hold Life hostage. Not as scary vs trample but anything else its a question of “is swinging with my 12/12 worth taking 12 points in life? does not destroy the creature, but no one likes taking a massive hit to life.

These are mean mean guys, the Cobra deals with anything first strike, and the Nightshade peddler reminds people that even if you kill that guy. I’ll summon a new mana dork and have another one right after, so your not getting anywhere by attacking me. As for Ambush viper. LITERALLY ANNOUNCE YOU HAVE AMBUSH VIPER, Tweet it, Live blog it, Take a selfie with it, and  show people. people cant target the card if its in your hand. and it stops pretty much everyone from attacking you.

Of course, the whole point of a Doomsday Machine is lost, if you *keep* it a *secret*! Why didn’t you tell the world?

-Dr Strangelove

Like Loyal Sentry? Have an equipment that makes your tokens into Loyal Sentry it will make people question everything and why that is not in their deck the way you put it on your 0/2 Gatecreeper Vine that suddenly will murder anything coming at you.

Author: Austin Sutherland

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