Budget EDH–Flicker Pt. 3: Making your deck.

In some of my previous articles, we discussed Building on a Budget and the power of Flicker effects in EDH. Today, I’d like to continue that theme by listing a few cards I feel can destroy a game, without destroying your wallet. But before we get into the bulk of the article, I’d like to discuss something for which I’m very excited. With the release of the supplemental draft set Conspiracy on the horizon, Commander will be seeing a new King of Flicker: Brago, King Eternal.

This is a dude I will GLADLY give up my old Flicker commander Merieke Ri Berit for. Brago is low cost, flying, and his trigger is not biased toward just creatures, and with that we can go into some crazy, CRAZY shenanigans. But before we talk about some of the cards we can abuse with this gentleman, there’s one thing I’d like to note about Brago. One of the biggest things I’m looking forward to with Brago is flickering Auras. You see, Auras only target when they are considered a spell (I.E. On the stack), however, when Brago exiles an aura with his ability, it enters the battlefield and it instantly attaches to something that it can legally enchant. It doesn’t target, but you do choose what the aura enchants. You should know what this means. You can enchant an Arrest onto creatures with Hexproof or Shroud using Brago’s ability. The only requirement is the creature cannot have protection from enchantments or the color of the enchantment. Damn you, Polis Crusher

But enough about Brago, King Eternal, lets get to the content you’re here for: staple flicker cards for little coin.

—–Picking Staple Flicker Cards—–

We need to pick a lot of cards. But a few of them we cannot do without–budget cards of course–so lets dive right into our choices. Keep in mind, I’m doing my best to reduce the price of the cards in my deck while showing you some amazing cards. There are far more and far better cards I’m sure, but these are cards I, personally, would not make a deck without.

We’ll Start with White:

And now with Brago we have

These are not super necessary for the deck with the exception of Arrest. I don’t necessarily like cards that are only good if your Commander is out and about

In Blue:

And now with Brago

  • Confiscate—–With Brago able to switch its target, it becomes a good day to steal Planeswalkers.
  • Flight of Fancy
  • Reality Acid—–If Brago is on the field, everyone watch out. Turn your flicker triggers into permanent removal.

In Colorless/Artifacts:


These are the cards that will get you started on your Budget Flicker deck, and there are tons more cards out there that you can use. Find your balance, play around.

As always, thanks for reading. Feel free to leave comments, feedback, and your ideas for the rest of the community in the comment section below. Your input is a valuable and cherished resource. Look forward to more Budget EDH articles to come. Have fun, save some coin, and keep walking those planes.


Austin Sutherland


Author: Austin Sutherland

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