Budget Ruses: Building Concepts under 15$ in Standard

To start us off, I asked my friend to find me a Rare that he finds “Fun” for me to build a deck around. I want to express a card that looks fun. this is not “lets take the worst rare I can find and force him to do stuff” So the other requirement is the card must cost less then a dollar. He came up with this card Oracle of Bones

       Taking a card and making a concept

So the first part of how to build a deck around this card is think of each aspect of the card and how do we want to use it. First we have to take a look the card in general. its a 5/3 haste for 4 mana, not too bad. A card similar to it would be Tenement Crasher. a 5/4 haste for … 6 mana so comparatively that’s quite nice. the other side of the card is the 3/1 haste with a free spell. So lets think of some Sorceries and instants that would Scare people into dealing with a 5/3. I’d like to mention I look though hundreds of cards (quickly) on Cardkingdom before even picking out any of these. it takes a lot of work.

Armed / Dangerous is a possible card. if it triggers you could give a creature the double strike, then pick a like 1/1 for Dangerous letting the armed guy slide in for massive damage.

Blast of Genius This would scare a lot of people and goes into the idea of focusing on instants and sorceries and goes with Catch / Release that can aslo be abused by free fuse costs.

Revel of the Fallen God this would be hard to cast without oracle of bones so might keep one in the deck just to scare them into the 5/3 aspect. if they did let it slide out. 8 haste damage and can combo with a lot of other red stuff.

Rollick of Abandon This is interesting. it has to focus on not small tokens and needs a lot of three toughness works a bit better as a sideboard card do deal with other aggro decks.

Harness by Force This could add to some aggro to it, wait… (looks up ruleings) damn. Strive although does not mention “as an additional cost” strive is. preventing us from using strive with infinite targets

Riddle of Lightning this is a card that would mostly be focused on the scry 3 effect. For 5 mana there are some fun things you can do expecialy if your fill your deck with Catch / Release that has a converted mana cost of 9

Fated Conflagration mono red card and is not necessarily aggro (cant hit a player) but It can MURDER planes walkers. and the alternative is to let a 5/3 swing at it.

These are all well and good but now we have to debate on what we want to do.

  1. We can do shannagins with cards such as Catch / Release being able to cast them for there fuse cost for free and the deck would mostly focus around the spell aspect of stuff and go red blue
  2. We can have lots of little creatures and run things like Revel of the Fallen GodGoblin Rally, and Massive Raid
  3. We can go midrange aggro and focus more on direct damage and trying to make this guy a 5/3 haste and do things to bonus that.
  4. We can go the Minotaur route and grab cards like  Rageblood Shaman

Every day people talk about what they have to have in their deck. I feel bad for those people. To them it’s no longer “What do I WANT to have in my deck” and magic becomes a Premade Script. They see specific cards do well and just literally fill a deck with it. I watched a guy run four Brimaz, King of Oreskos (25$ card) and did not know the tokens have Vigilance.

So I was torn between the Red Blue Shannagins and the midrange aggro deck. Then I stumble on this card

a 7/7 for 4 mana is no joke. It will eat a land when it dies but this card is what red is all about. sacrificing everything at the payment of victory and damage. So Midrange aggro it is. There are a lot of diffrent cards you come across looking for all of these things. each one starts to shed a little light on what the end result of your deck will be

All of these cards I can grab at the cardshop for DIRT cheep Might is .17 Archtype is .25 hammer is .47 not to mention I wouldent have more then two hammers in the deck but each one will add to the high synergy that will be this deck. Hammer and Awaken the Ancient are cards that will say “if I get mana flooded, I can still do stuff. the deck will end up running about 22-24 mana in the deck as I REALLY want to hit the four drops but having over that wont help me. so. Hammer will eat the extra lands and make them 3/3’s that I’m TOTTALY COOL WITH. Archtype will give everything trample to deal with the token generation and blocking with mana dorks and I wont want to run too many of the Thunderous Might as the meta of standard right now is a LOT of control and that will just make a creature all the more delicious to destroy


4x Archetype of aggression
3x Awaken the Ancient
4x deathbellow raider
3x Ember beast
2x Fall of the hammer
4x Fanatic of Mogis
3x Hammer of Purphoros
4x Lightning Strike
3x Oracle of Bones
2x Armed / Dangerous
2x Thunderous might
3x Twinflame

23x mountain

Before building a complete sideboard you should do a dry run and see any weaknesses in the deck. I will be making a post after FNM and see how it goes, but here is a concept of a sideboard I might run.

3x Harness by Force

4x Burning Earth 

4x Fated Conflagration

4x Seismic Stomp

Author: Austin Sutherland

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