Budget Ruses: Going 3-1 with Midrange Red under 15$

So a few posts ago, specifically this one Budget ruses: Building under 15$ I went to FNM to try it out. Ending the night 3-1 with this deck

4x Archetype of aggression
3x Awaken the Ancient
4x deathbellow raider
3x Ember beast
2x Fall of the hammer
4x Fanatic of Mogis
3x Hammer of Purphoros
4x Lightning Strike
24x mountain
3x Oracle of Bones
1x Rollick of Abandon
2x Thunderous might
3x Twinflame


3x Armed / Dangerous
4x Burning Earth
4x Fated Conflagration
4x Seismic Stomp

Game one: Black aggro 2/1

Game one I was fighting a Black aggro deck Who uses cards like Herald of Torment and Master of the feast to race down my health before I can kill him. This deck was pretty scary, the Master of the feast being a 5/5 had to put me on edge, and the fact that everything had flying did not help. This was the game I discovered a terrible trick. of If I have two Fanatic of Mogis out and I use Twinflame The damage is a minium of 8, but ends up being around 12 damage. and then you swing with 4 4/2’s. the Fall of the hammer was not all that effective here as lighting strike would do about the same ammount of damage without needing the creature, and if they were tricky they would respond with Doom blade in response to targeting my creature and it would render it ineffective. I quickly side boarded out for Fated Conflagration and burning Master of the feast before it attack (giving me a card from his upkeep, and I lose scry 2 being his turn, But I still don’t take damage)

Lesson – Fall of the hammer is not that good. Fated Conflagration is more useful. Put in Two fated in main board take out fall of the hammer. and Thunderous might although lets me burst out a lot of damage. having people just Zap it with a spell ends up being bad. going to either take it out, or replace it with Madcap Skills

Game Two: Izzit Control 2/1

This was a deck that quickly would get him out of control (pun intended) with Flamespeaker Adept and run cards such as Dissolve and Magma Jet to deal with anything I tried to stop it with. Wait till late game to cast Blast of Genius with Catch / Release to do massive damage, This was the game Hammer of Purphoros turning all of my land draws into 3/3 swinging every turn. he had to focus more on defense then swinging with his Flamespeaker Adept and then when Awaken the Ancient  came out he would have to either use his big combo on it rather then me. One problem I had was Ember Beast was not doing what I really wanted out of it. I could get it out turn three but unless I had a LIVING Deathbellow Raider out he would just sit there alone. And if I DID have a deathbellow out my Ember beast still had no chance to block.

Lesson – Ember Beast is a bad card for this deck and take it out for Ember Swallower

Game Three: Necromancer Humans – 2/0

This deck was pretty easy to get past. my Deathbellow Raider would deal with the 2/2’s and 2/1’s of the deck and suddenly at turn 5 swinging with 7/7 trample would catch him off guard and even with Athreos, God of Passage being able to get your 2/2 back is just stalling the inevitable. I found my Rollick of Abandon although was perfect to fight that kind of deck, it did not help me enough. a lot of my creatures are 3/2 and 4/2 so it would kill my own stuff just as fast as his. Seismic Stomp is both useful and not vs this deck. having trample here is just as effective

Lesson – Rollic is not a great card, I dont need 4 Seismic Stomp probably like 2? and Armed / Dangerous should have main board in it at least two or three

Game Four: Jayce Elspeth – 1/2 

This is the game I lost, and the game I never expect to beat with 15$ fighting a 400$+ deck. Every land was a scry land ect ect. But this is when we learn the most lesssons. His entire thing was stalling till late game when he had so much mana he would just cast Jayce to draw cards to keep the card advantage and Elspeth, Sun’s Champion to win the game. the part that caught me off guard is the fact I forgot she can use her -3 to destroy all creature power 4 or greater. effectively wiping my side of the board. And my biggest problem I had was Nyx-Fleece Ram this card easily kept him alive for the entirety of the game and a lot of time I had to spend my burn spells on it just to get it out of the way. Burning earth did Ok. it forced him to use a LOT of control on it like Deicide

Lesson – be more aggressive with burn spells taking out blockers (waited way to long) and I need more creatures with power 5 and/or flying like Bloodfray Giant and Dragon Hatchling

The New Version

4x Awaken the Ancient
4x Bloodfray Giant
2x Ember Swallower
4x Fanatic of Mogis
2x Fated Conflagration
3x Hammer of Purphoros
4x Lightning Strike
24x mountain
3x Oracle of Bones
3x Twinflame


3x deathbellow raider
3x Harness by Force
4x Burning Earth
2x Fated Conflagration
3x Dragon Hatchling

Author: Austin Sutherland

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