Budget Ruses: Standard Inspire

I recently had a Discard deck that might be fun at some point but I was having trouble making it work. There are plenty of discard cards but non of them fit with each other.

Ashiok’s Adept  Is a good card when your running a lot of spells that can target. suddenly turning a Stratus Walk into a “1U: Draw and force discard” and comboing into that

Siren of the Silent Song Is another good card. So you would like card to let him attack or for jokes untap him often.

Mind rot a required card for most discard decks, but does not fit well with the other two as it does not help them trigger anything

Ordeal of Erebos is fine but having to attack three turns does not quite fit as these cards are only really good with creatures that can already get counters on them


You get the idea you get a lot of cogs to work with, but unless they fit your not gonna make a working deck. I needed more control in the deck so I grabbed a playset of these guys

I had these in my “discard deck” and it went allright… (2-2) but pretty much when King Macar got out he instantly controlled the board, Deleting Thassa, God of the sea Twice because he had enough devotion and Siren of the silent song was controlling his hand forcing big discards and less targets Makar needed. Suddenly this started seeming like a major deck. Springleaf Drum can tap the creatures the turn they come out (generally at their end step) and not even needed to attack. So I set my mind on it.

I’m gonna make an inspire deck

—- Time to Rough sketch the idea.

So I went though the inspire cards, knowing I wanted to at least stay in Black for Mechar, and blue had a lot of inspire like spells (Triton Tactics and Retraction helix) and now I stay Black Blue. King Marcar is too good not to have 4 of. Even being a Legendary creature if one is out your gonna be ahead by a LOT so needing two of them out is not so necessary But you have to have him. Siren of the Silent song was a big … maybe. I love discard effects far more then people know. The others are not that great. Mostly summoning tokens and he had flying so I decided to keep him as I’m going for control, not swinging with 2/2 enchant creature tokens (witch would be good for constellation) Moving on I still need more Arbiter of the Ideal will fit nicely into the deck but being 6 mana only putting two in the deck will be fine. a lot of the inspire guys are WAY to costly ($) and WAY to costly (Mana). Pain Seer runs about 2 dollars because drawing and taking damage for it is super meta…. apparntly. Sphinx’s Disciple and Warchanter of Mogis are good. but not FIVE MANA good. Lastly I picked Daring Thief, Daring thief is a big Challenge as there are a lot of problems of Exchange. one you need something bad to trade for their something good. or you need more tricks to make this card pull its weight and that is not an easy task.

—- Working out the Kinks

So Siren, Arbiter, and Makar all pretty much do not need to many pairings besides the untap, tap shannagains. so lets start finding some cards to help out. Springleaf Drum being the best tap item ever I instantly put 4 in, no questions at all ever. Attacking is a Viable strategy but running into this funny card Retraction Helix leaves for some quick tricks, much with Siren, tapping at the last moment to put Desecration Demon BACK into their hand only to be discarded right after siren untaps. Its control and can catch people off guard. I like it. I put in 2 Thassa’s Ire Im not Entirely sure how I feel about the card, but it is a solid way to untap things more then once a turn, Attack, ire to untap it, inspire trigger, untap druing next turn being 4 mana to do that, its not super useful until late game when I have the mana to spare for it. I want to see how it goes, and might switch it out with Breaching Hippocamp as its the same mana to untap something, and I get a 3/2 out of it, but it only can trigger once. Strionic Resonator is another card that will let me get double triggers out of my inspire, for far cheaper too… We will see how well it works with Daring Thief it can be used if people try to trick you by killing a creature then you can clone the ability and re target.

For the last Easy choice is trying to find more cards to untap my stuff at a moments notice. the three options are

Hidden strings can be quite fun, but I dont expect to be tapping too often… if this card was INSTANT I would take it hands down, Cripsis is a good choice, letting me chump block large creatures and have pro colors. But the winner will be Triton Tactics. Much like Cripsis letting me block bigger things or Being unblockable Triton will most likely aslo let me block creatures bigger due to the toughness increase. being able to target two creatures. Lastly the bonus of keeping aggro decks tapped If and when I do block

I have a few cards left to work on. I should pick one – two more cards before having a finished deck. lets go though it and find any problems.

Well… the FIRST problem I see is our first creature is a 3 drop. Aggro decks can do a lot of damage in three turns, and we probably cant stop anything till turn 4-5 so we need something small that stops aggro. and the other problem I see is not wanting to give away any of my stuff for daring Thief. I like all my small stuff. I mean. I’ll happily give away a Siren for a Desecration Demon but we can do better. So time to start searching for cards 1-2 mana, Stops aggro, and we don’t care if we give it away. there were about 6 maybe cards. I am going to save you the trouble and show you three

Shipwreck Singer is two mana if your lucky to get each color right off the bat, flying is a bonus and the active is good vs aggro. people wont swing at you if their stuff will die, so it can hold off on a few attacks at the least

Returned Phalanx This card looks promising. Two mana for a 3/3 can stop a lot of aggro decks for a turn or two by itself, with it having defender, unless they are playing blue giving it away wont be a problem being attacked by it.

Vortex Elemental is the winner. This can stop attacks dead no matter how big the creature is. people will think twice about swinging with 7/7’s with this little dude out, he wont stop weenies as much as Phalanx will but… Wait look at that “:” Yes. shuffling vortex is not a cost. but a resolution. meaning you can respond to it. A Quick trick will be casting Retraction helix on vortex, Declare blockers, use the abblity and then in response to that returning vortex to your hand. Effectively you create “UU: Shuffle an attacking creature into their deck” (the second U is to recast Vortex later) Then when you realize that not only giving away a 0/1 that only blue players can use properly. If you can Untap Daring thief at instant speed. 

  1.  Declare blockers
  2. Put Vortex trigger on the stack
  3. Untap Daring Thief and Exchange Vortex with a different creature
  4. Shuffle “their” Vortex and the creature that was blocked into decks

oh ya… That will do just nicely For the last card I was going to use Soul Ransom for the last card to pick but to fit a faster control will be Far/Away because bounce cards is great with Daring Thief and the sac is good all around. With Far-away and Retraction Helix I have enough bounce to make anyone who lets Daring Thief stay out regret it

Author: Austin Sutherland

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