Common Gold: As an Additional Cost

Specificly we are going to be Looking at instant speed cards, with “As an Additional Cost” in the text. with a few exceptions

Altar's Reap Crop Rotation Mask of the Mimic Rescue from the Underworld Scapegoat Soulblast

The Common Gold of Altar’s Reap

Each of these cards have their specific uses. mostly I’m going to talk about Altar’s Reap and How silly good this card is. I like to run 3 – 4 in every black deck I play… Seriously. When most people look at this card they think, Ok ill dump my 1/1 and then draw two cards out of it. coming out pretty even. (the 1/1 + Altar’s reap = Two cards) What most people don’t realize when they see this card is the CRAZY amount of uses this card has.

————  Creatures die, That’s a fact

When you play, Creatures die all the time, From spells to chump blocking. it happens. I like to get something out of it. you don’t just have to sacrifice just because you want to draw cards out of it. I have a Simic evolve deck that splashes black for Corpsejack menace and Altar’s Reap. Well Corpse jack is a crazy good card. so some one decides to use Chained to the Rocks I know I have ZERO enchant removal in my deck, so Corpsejack is good as gone. I let Chained hit the battlefield, Trigger to exile Corpsejack hits the stack. In response I Sacrifice it for the Cost of Altar’s Reap (keep in mind, its as the COST so it is not responsible) I Draw two cards.  So lets think about this. effectively Corpsejack is “dead” no matter what I do. so he is removed from the Equation. Effectively I have a instant speed card that says “B1: Draw two cards” Instant speed is important to draw cards for the biggest reason is Bluffing Some one playing Blue Black is FAR scarier to see two mana open with a card in hand. then having a guy just draw two cards.  Lets take a look at other situations

In a real match there was a gentlemen at 4 Life, he was about to die from my Shrieking Affliction He needed life, AND FAST. So he spends the mana on his Whip of erebos and Revives his Erebos, God of the Dead and then quickly enchants it with Dark Favor making it an 8/8 Lifelink Swings, Regardless if I block or not he is still gonna gain the life. but I have a trick up my sleeve I declare Blocker with my Bane Alley Broker then after blockers are declared, I spend two mana and Cast Altar’s Reap Sacrificing my Chump blocker.

My opponent face goes blank has he processes what I had just done, With the blocker dead, Erebos no longer has anything to deal damage to, His lifelink was denied. Even if he could counter Altar’s Reap the damage was done. and his Ace in the hole was just shot down by a draw card.

There are other cards that could deny such a play, Prevent all combat damage, Charm it ontop of his library,  even Cyclonic Rift would of worked. But to see a class act such as that can trip up even the most experienced players. But we go back to the concept that Creatures die all the time. and cards such as this can really make it shine. especially when you consider it costing two less then InspirationI suggest it to all players who run pack rat in their deck as a counter to Detention Sphere

————     Lets jump to my other Favorite Rescue from The Underworld

Here is a card that has FAR more uses then the classic “deny the Oblivion ring” or “lets bring back our other guy” lets Assume your playing Black devotion, and with all Black devotion your running Gray merchant of Asphodel now, You have Gary out and you chump block his large monster and then with the 5 mana, you kill him off using Rescue from the underworld targeting your OTHER gary you discarded from earlier. Bam! next upkeep Two Grays hit the battlefield and each counting for each others devotion doing a Minimum of 8 damage, and gaining 8 health (plus the amount you denied from chump blocking but chances are if your playing gary this damage is going to be more along the lines of 16 damage, Highly lethal.

Rescue from the underworld has three main aspects too it.

  1. It denies any targeted spell or attacks without trample
  2. It triggers at least one death trigger (if things like it when it watches things die)
  3. It triggers two enter the battlefield effects depending

This is a lot of stuff going around for one card and the uses are quite up there. one of the main things is that if you bring a card back from the graveyard to the battlefield most of the time it costs around 5 mana, and more if there are other effects. The downside to this card is that no matter when you cast it, the next turn the creatures cannot attack. were a card such as Fated Return will let you swing next turn. so you want to aim more for the ETB effects more so then just getting the creature out

———— Quick uses for the other cards

Crop rotation will turn your basic forest into a more important land depending on your situation, the main one being if your playing EDH you can get out Hall of the Bandit Lord to give your commander haste

Mask of the Mimic fallows all the same guidelines as Altar’s Reap for denying cards and spells, and is useful for Flicker cards like a deck with Mulldrifter

Scapegoat and Soulblast are the powerful EDH cards that you wait for when some one puts out a Magus of the Disk putting good use to all your creatures you spent putting out (with soulblast its generally killing the guy who played magus in the first place)

Author: Austin Sutherland

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