Common Gold: Into the Wilds

The point of Common Gold is not to find commonds that should be rares. its to find cards people see as “ok” and dirt cheep and turn them into cards that are WELL worth your time. Today we are going to go into … Into The Wilds

When people read a magic card. they read the text and see the word “land” and “put it onto the battlefield” and think of it as a mana acceleration. When you look at magic cards you need to think about how it acts. not what it says.

Although this card is Techicaly mana acceleration as it does not absorb your “play one land a turn” rule, this is not how this card is used unless you draw 4-6 lands in the first 4-6 turns chances are your going to empty your hand by the time you get around to even playing the card. So when you play this card, with no land in hand, unless two cards of your deck are lands. there is zero “acceleration” I.E. “playing more then one land a turn to boost your mana pool” if your CRAZY lucky, you MIGHT have 6 mana on turn 5 (turn 4 you play it, turn 5 it triggers and you play a land) To put it simply “This card is not used to accelerate your mana” When I read this card what it really says is

If a land is on top, Draw a card in addition to your draw step

You don’t compleatly stop drawing lands but with an average deck having about 40% lands, if its perfectly shuffled you should not bump into to lands in a row. Obviously it happens. Now when you play rather then drawing lands. you immediately put it into play first, then you draw a card. For decks planning on going deep into late game, this enchantment is invaluable. I have a deck that runs four of them and they have won me games. As now after the enchantment is out watch how many times you suddenly have a larger hand then your used to. Here is a good example

  1. Untap, Upkeep
  2. Trigger Look at the top card its Artisan of Forms
  3. Draw and play Artisan of forms

Now next turn

  1. Untap, Upkeep
  2. Trigger Revels a land put it into play
  3. Draw and play Fated Infatuation

Now suddenly your Artisan of forms that would of been so lonely for a whole turn of drawing and playing that land. now suddenly turns into a PAIR of Desecration Demon. Now I was being fair and showing that its not every turn this happens. Being a turn up on a LOT of plays about… 40% of the time (amount of lands you have) will show a huge increase of power into late game and every time you slide a land into play for free. you suddenly have a lot more options to bring to the table.

*Yes I know the picture is actually Lost in the woods but its still a fitting picture

Author: Austin Sutherland

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