Conspiracy: My Favorite Card I’ll Never Get to Use


Conspiracy is a fun card. but its like a puzzle piece from the wrong box. You wont ever get it to Fit

Conspiracy is  interesting with a lot of promise and shenanigans that you can do. Sadly although it seems like a fun exciting card when you break it down in application building a deck around this card is EXTREMELY hard for two main reasons

Reason Number One:  if you where to pick a creature type “X” to use, why not just make an ENTIRE “X” deck and ignore Conspiracy?

No matter what you pick, your going to come into a problem of “what is the benefit of having Conspiracy in the deck?” a good card that comes to mind is this one Leaf-Crowned Elder

now, no matter what you pick for conspiracy this will fit PERFECTLY, you can say Elf, and BAM if it comes accross any creatures. it can put it into play.but now, the question is, do you want to make a deck full of Non Elves, so that the off chance you play Leaf-Crowned elder and other elf cards it will make a perfect combo? what if you don’t draw conspiracy, will your deck still not work? if you want Leaf-Crown to work why not just make a treefolk deck? there are plenty of cards that work and you don’t need to combine it with elfs.

Doing this kind of things creates the problem of needing Three cards to make a combo work. 1. Conspiracy 2. The Catalyst 3. The “Cheat” card.   The “cheat” card is the card your not supposed to be able to use in such a way by using Conspiracy and the Catalyst. For example making every card an Elf, Then using Leaf-Crowned Elder to summon an Eldrazi.

Reason Number Two: If you make a combo, its nigh impossible to make all the combos work with the same word.

Ok so you don’t want to have 60 card deck with one combo in it using Conspiracy. you want a DECK FULL of crazy crazy cards that do this. well… how do you make a deck were 100% of the time you only use the one creature type for the deck to work. Lets take a look at Turntimber Ranger You make Conspiracy say “ALLY” then when you play Turntimber. you put out Infinite 2/2’s with an Infinite/Infinite But… now what. what other cards can you use for Conspiracy to say “ALLY” and have it still work. You might as well just make Ally deck. and then shove Conspiracy some were in there for the giggles. but then its an Ally deck, with conspiracy. were you will say “ally”

lets assume we are making a half ally/half Conspiracy deck. What other cards can we put in to create more shannagains. How about Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder This is a card that can go in ANY Conspiracy deck because no matter what you “name” it nullify the second ability of having to sacrifice him when you hit seven tokens. and now when you cast an ally for 4 mana. you put out 4 Ally 1/1 tokens into play. This falls under the same problem of 1. Conspiracy 2. the catalyst 3. the cheat. lucky for us the Cheat is any other ally card in the deck.

But… Why have Endrek when we can just cast Hagra Diabolist for the same cost. and if it stays out. chances are your about to win regardless.

the same problem comes up with cards like Rooftop Storm its fun to think that if you say zombies then you can cast every creature in your hand for free… Or … why not just make a zombie deck. and they are HELLA scary anyway And you don’t need to Wait for Conspiracy to make the deck viable wile you sit there top decking hoping this is the card that will let you cast your Eldrazi for free

Its a Card that feels like it has Way more potential then it actually does. That makes me sad for this unsung hero of a card (if it was an artifact. It would be far more fun)

Author: Austin Sutherland

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