Demonic By Nature

Hello again CMD Tower readers! It is I, Jace, ready to “Wow” and sway your enthusiasm with another Commander/EDH deck that I hold quite dear to my heart. If I have said it once, I have said it a million times; I am not a black player. When I got into Magic back-in-the-day (which I can and am obligated to say), I was all about white cards. Knights, holy spells of healing, and my personal favorite, bird soldiers. Black cards were all about death, zombies, and destruction. When you listen to Jason Mraz ALL THE TIME it’s hard to see cards and strategies outside the white/green persuasion.

Fast forward to the Commander 2014 decks and my current job. Without getting into too much detail that would compromise my employment, it’s a soul crushing work. So much so that a string of losses in my EDH group paired with my often chaotic work environment took it’s toll in a good way. I wanted to create a deck that reflected how much my job can suck on a bad day that would also give me a chance to destroy anyone who stepped to me. For this, I decided to look to the mono-black Commander 2014 deck and see what I could create.

Ob Nixilis of the Black Oath (Or, as I like to call him, Used Car Salesman Bob Nixilis) was the featured commander card from the 2014 deck and he is one of my favorites from the set of 5 decks. If you can get 5 mana free early in the game, you can bring Ob online and trigger his second ability to put out a 5/5 Flying Demon to protect himself and your life total. When you’re not summoning terror from the pits to the sky, Ob is going to help you gain life while pinging your opponents. Then, if your opponents can’t rise to the challenge of this demonic warlord, you can Ult him to gain an emblem that will reward you life and cards at the cost of one of your demonic pawns. What more could you possibly want out of a commander?


Of course your commander is only as good as the cards it’s commanding. That’s why I went to the interwebs with my 1000 hours of free AOL to see what cards would really make this deck mean. If you don’t understand why hours of internet use would be monetized, you didn’t experience the 90’s and the joy of a dial up modem. My dad still has one. It’s the worst, much like the creatures in this deck. Just have a look.

From the Pits

This deck runs on demonic power. Duh! Not just demonic power but the kind of power that really makes things hard on your opponents. Rather than destroying permanents haphazardly, this deck makes your opponents choose between the lesser of two evils quite literally. Cards like Archfiend of DepravityDesecration Demon, and Indulgent Tormentor make your usually unwilling foes choose between their valuable creatures to decide who will stay and who will perish. You will revel in glee as the smiles fade from their faces with each demon that you summon. *Insert evil laugh here*

Once I found out that I could NOT have Griselbrand in my deck, I was deeply saddened. I needed something to fill the void (pun intended, kind-of). Unfortunately, my replacement is very finicky and requires a little ceremony before he comes out. More specifically, I need life from a reluctant host to activate Elbrus, the Binding Blade. After that, stand by for the black version of Aladdin’s Genie. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing the newly transformed Withengar Unbound on the battlefield. You may think this is a hard task to accomplish in order to get the devistating 13/13 demon online but it isn’t. Our Commander, “Bob”, can summon 5/5 flying demons like it was nothing. Just give one of those guys the Binding Blade and watch your friend scurry to top-deck a board wipe. It is most excellent.

archfiend-of-depravity-mtg-card   indulgent-tormentor-mtg-card   Withengar-Unbound-mtg-card

Destroy the Unwilling

This deck is one of my gutsiest builds for the fact that it runs on just 25 creatures. I mean, they’re beefy demons and they are NOT cheap. You’ll have to buy some time before your desecration can really take hold. For that, I have employed the help of many board wipes. Personally, I dislike board wipes very much. Probably as much as most competitive players hate land destruction. So where better to vent my least favorite aspects of the game upon my foes? We’re talking wipes early and often with the help of Living DeathDamnation, and Extinguish All Hope. Hell, you could even summon Reiver Demon and he’ll gladly get rid of anything that isn’t black or an artifact. All of these spells will thin out the ranks and keep you from taking damage. It will also keep your opponents in a stalemate while they mill over whether they can lose another score of creatures.

living-death-mtg-card   damnation-mtg-card   reiver-demon-mtg-card

Knowledge is Power

Of course, if you want to summon some demons, you’re going to have to read the forbidden text to do so. In our case, we’re going to need a lot help from our library. Basic pacts with demons such as Read the Bones and Sign in Blood will take a little life from you and give you some much needed cards to you hand. Of course, we can use the power of enchantments to get even more out of that ol’ library.

Greed is the best way to get some cards. Pay a mana and some life and draw away. You can do this until you max out your life. By that, I mean destroy yourself by GREED! Of course, Phyrexian Arena will also net you a card each turn at the cost of 1 life. Regardless, if you want to draw in this deck. You’ll have to pay the price. However, I have sneaky friend that will help keep your hand full after you decimate your life total for card draw. Price of Knowledge will give you no maximum hand size. That’s great! It will also give your opponents no maximum hand size. This is also great because they will take a point of damage for each card in their hand at the beginning of their upkeep. It’s helpful and diabolical. Rock on with your bad self!

greed-mtg-card   phyrexian-arena-mtg-card   price-of-knowledge-mtg-card

Powered by Bob Nixilis Motors

It’s no doubt that Ob Nixilis or Bob runs the show with this deck. I wanted to make sure that I involved his entire story in the deck by including Ob Nixilis, the FallenOb Nixilis, Unshackled, and the recently printed Ob Nixilis Reignited. Ob was once a powerful conqueror who took over his plane with a ruthless iron fist. It wasn’t until he got bored ruling that he ignited his spark. After that, he went to Zendikar, lost his spark, and created a made-for-TV-movie called “How Ob Got His Spark Back”. It did very well in the European markets. Ob now has his spark back which means we may see him in other planes. My wish is that he comes to the US to create cars powered by black mana. Then the reign of Bob Nixilis will begin on planet earth. A guy can hope.

ob-nixilis-the-fallen-mtg-card   ob-nixilis-unshackled-mtg-card   ob-nixilis-reignited-mtg-card

Demonic by Nature

If you’re looking for a deck that plays with some of the most fun cards black can offer while still netting you a deck that requires tactical thinking, look no further. From grief at work to a truly merciless deck, Demonic by Nature is one you should play if you like big flyers, board wipes, and making your opponents really uncomfortable by making them make tough decisions at the drop of a hat. It’s powerful and devastating all at once.

In the future, I would like to see more life gain added to this deck to round it out. I have never had a problem hovering between 35-45 life they entire game. Still, that added piece of mind is a great contingency plan for when you don’t have a wipe and your board state is a little less than demonic. This deck was also built out of a pre-constructed product and fine-tuned to be fun. I implore you to take my deck recipe and make it competitive if you so desire. Demons crave power. I just put them in one place. It is up to you to decided how to use them. It’s good to be a gangster. Here’s the deck list for your reference.

Thanks you for tuning in to read about the nasty things I have brewing in my EDH case. Also, a belated Veterans Day to everyone. As a vet myself, I decided to take the week off from everything but work. However, you can expect me back here next week to talk more about EDH. On Saturday, I will be getting my hands on the new 2015 Commander decks and I can’t wait to see how they play. Don’t tell me. No spoilers. We’ll just ignore the fact that I already spoiled myself with spoilers. Until we meet again, stay demonic!

Author: Jace Reed

Jace is just a regular ol' Magic player (Since Onslaught) who enjoys the EDH format very much. Oh, and did I mention. Jace has a podcast with his buddy Steve where they talk anime, games, and anything that crosses their minds. Jace has his sights set on being the first Cowboy Space President of the Moon.

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