Gifts Ungiven: Shopping for MTG Players

Where did 2015 go? Am I right? If you’re still reading this, you’ve passed my test. You know why? Because you’re smart people. And smart people know that it’s THAT time of year again. The time when people get out there and give back to the community by complaining about coffee cups and the war on Santa. I knew that guy was a fraud years ago. Luckily, if you subscribe selectively, you can avoid all of the non-sense out there and celebrate whatever holiday you damn well please. If anything, this is the BEST time of year to give gifts. Even if just to celebrate making through another year of life. Congrats!

Well, that got me thinking ‘Crap…I have bought zero gifts so far‘. What do I get? What do my friends and family even like? Fear not! If your friends/family are into Magic: The Gathering, I’m going to give you the homie hook-up today! If you’re family doesn’t play for that team, sorry. I don’t really know much outside of anime, Magic, and romantic comedies with Ryan Reynolds. Sorry…

Now if you’re still reading, you’ve passed the actual test. You’re in the market to get some dorky, cool gifts for your friends/family. Here’s what I got for you!

Quiver Case

Quiver-Case-Showcase-ProductAre your friends/family players on the go? Do they tons of decks that they keep tucked in a bunch of boxes that usually get tossed into a backpack because who gives a…Those days could be over for them real soon? I was introduced to the Quiver Case by The Professor at Tolarian Community College on the YouTube machine. It looked like a fantastic product and I was in the market for a case to hold my dubious amounts of EDH decks. Once I saw this case, I was pretty sold. I ordered it right before Pre-Release weekend for Battle For Zendikar. I was blow away when I pulled the case out of the box it came in. It’s sturdy, sleek, easy to wear, and does a WONDERFUL job as keeping the contents inside all in the same spot you left them. I am convince this is the closest thing we have to Pokéball technology right now.

I bought it on Amazon because it’s exclusively sold there by Quiver. It only cost me $40 USD and it was on it’s way! I got it work because getting Magic swag at work is genius. You usually get a break if you space your orders out enough. “Go look at your cards, you nerd!” It was then when I discovered that the case came with awesome plastic sleeves (I used them for my spare foils), hard plastic dividers, Velcro dividers, and a handle in case the strap breaks or doesn’t pull your look together. There might have been a small T-Rex in there, I don’t recall because it was jam-packed with goodies.

Unfortunately, I have sold you on a product that is currently OUT OF STOCK. According to Amazon, the product is out of stock and they don’t know when or if it will be in stock again. I’m sure it will be but I don’t know when. Until then, you can follow them on Twitter @QuiverTime for more updates. If I hear they’re back in stock, I’ll give this piece an update! Keep an eye out.

*UPDATE* December 18, 2015 *UPDATE*: I have some good news for planeswalkers and gamers alike. Quiver was excellent enough to send me a tweet and let me know that their case was back in stock on Amazon. My suggestion to you is if this case caught your eye, get it fast. Who knows, it may be there before Christmas. If not, no one is going to be mad if you give them a gift later on. Seriously, it’s a wonderful case and it can be yours once again! Enjoy!

Warhammer 40K Sleeves

exalted-champion-chaos-marine-warhammer-40k-sleeves imperial-aquila-warhammer-40k-sleeves lord-of-ultramar-ultra-marine-space-marine-warhammer-40k-sleeves

Many Magic players are geeks to many other fandoms. Me, I also enjoy Warhammer 40K or as it’s more commonly know, Screw My Money – The Game. I did a brief stint in the Grimdark future after my time in the Navy. I loved the game. I can’t believe I sank a tax return on it but I loved the game. I rocked some Tau because that’s my thing and lost a lot. I haven’t played since 2011 but I love the lore and culture. So you can imagine how stoked I was about discovering the sleeves adorned with images of Eldar and Chaos Daemons.

If you’ve got a friend/family who is into Warhammer 40K, I found these bad boys at Cool Stuff Inc from Fantasy Flight Games. If Warhammer isn’t their bag, I encourage you to look for other fandoms they like. I have seen Firefly sleeves as well as Pokémon sleeves at local gaming stores. Geek out while you geek out, Xibit would be proud if you did.

Looking for something more personal? I have a challenge for you in that case. You’re browsing this site because you’re an EDH/Commander fan of Magic, yes? Consider the following:

Create an EDH Deck for your Friends/Family

child-of-alara-mtg-magic-card   isperia-supreme-judge-mtg-magic-card   kumano, master yamabushi

Janky cards are everywhere in the Magic time-steam-continuum. No format loves them more than Commander. This is a format with the under-utilized and under-appreciated cards get a chance to shine. Why not be a pal and buy, trade, or use your own horde of cards to create an EDH deck for your friend/family? Not only is this something that can be done on the cheap, it shows that you at least put some thought into the gift. EDHREC is a great site and resource to use if you want to take on this challenge. Another tip of the hat to the Professor for this find. I used their “Random Commander” button thrice and got these commanders.

The fun of this is that you can let you creativity shine and your freak flag fly. Make them a deck with a theme or gimmick that they can use against your play group. On a budget? Try making them a deck under $40 USD. Let their commander be the most expensive card, price wise, and build them something playable with cheap cards. Make it all commons if you want to. The best part about it is if you give 100 cards as a gift, that’s already a great gift. Love it or hate it, those cards can stay together in a deck or be pulled apart for other decks if gift’s recipient so chooses. Either way, make something great that will make them want to play that silly old jank deck you made them. That’s a solid choice.

Last, but not least, is the gift that keeps on giving. Magic! There are so many formats available to try, why not introduce them to another format outside the wonderful EDH format? Standard could be…too expensive. Modern is a good…more expensive. Legacy? If you have to ask, you can’t afford it. All that leaves us with (just go with it) is Pauper!

Get Your Friends/Family into Pauper

brainstorm-mtg-magic-card   rancor-mtg-magic-card   suture-priest-mtg-magic-card

Pauper is slowly becoming one of my favorite formats. It’s incredibly cheap and easy to get into. The learning curve is low which makes it very accessible to new and old players and players looking to get back into the game on-the-cheap. I have also found that this is one of the easiest formats to brew in. I took a stompy green deck I found a recipe for and turned it into a winning deck with entirely different build and feel. It was so fun and easy to tweak that I felt at home in Pauper. The best part is the feeling you get playing. It feels just like coming into Magic for the first time. When you played with what you pulled out of boosters instead of buying singles to perfect your creations. The nostalgia really sells it for me.

Be warned that this format only exists online on MTGO. However, there is a growing movement to bring this format into the meat-space for all players to enjoy. With this paticular gift idea, I am encouraging you to create a deck for you and a friend/family and give the format a shot. It shouldn’t be too bad of an investment and if you hate it, you’re not out too much cash. However, if you like the EDH format, I have a feeling Pauper may feel pretty good in capable hands. That’s everyone’s hands because you can all do it!

That is all I have for you this week. The season for giving is upon us and these are some things I thought of in the shower because that’s where the majority of humans come up with their greatest ideas. If you have any other ideas or think I missed something, then SPEAK UP by commenting and share the bounty of Magic. You may have some awesome ideas too. They’re not going into wrapping paper or stockings just sitting in your head. Share with the team. Who knows, your idea may just make a gift for someone. Thanks for reading. See you next time!

Author: Jace Reed

Jace is just a regular ol' Magic player (Since Onslaught) who enjoys the EDH format very much. Oh, and did I mention. Jace has a podcast with his buddy Steve where they talk anime, games, and anything that crosses their minds. Jace has his sights set on being the first Cowboy Space President of the Moon.

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