Brews and Builds: Episode #120 – Theory Crafting- Esika, God of the Tree

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Starting off the first theory craft of 2022 with a pet project MrComobNumber5 has been working on. As much freaking text as possible on the card! The best way to ensure this is with access to 5 colors and we think Esika, God of the Tree is a good cornerstone! I mean 2 sides???? ALLLLL that text 


Ramp, set up, and stabilization


Interaction with the board and keeping yourself alive


Ways to ACTUALLY win the game!


Chaos and pet cards

Big Tuck’s Picks
Illusionary Mask
Mr. Combo #5’s Picks
Word of Command

First Person who notices this gif is being reused gets a free 5 pack of rares from BT!

Production: Rich Chaos Records
Music: Pink Royal
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