Brews and Builds: Episode #127 – Chaos Draft- Tatsunari, Toad Rider

Commander Deep Dive: Tatsunari, Toad Rider - Star City Games
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Newest episode of the Brews and Builds Podcast, featuring Fellow Hosts Big Tuck and Mr. Combo #5!

Call Kevin Costner because it’s another round of CHAOS DRAFT!!!!

The boys are back and giving into the hype! Neon Kamigawa is out causing waves across ALL formats, and who else has been more discussed than Tatsunari, Toad Rider?? Well, the boys give in and decide to give him the Chaos Draft treatment….but can they find fun cards and will BT decide to build this out? (Spoiler: He did) Tune in to find out!!

Beer was involved.

Music: Pink Royal
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