Brews and Builds: Episode #131 – Does Victory Result in Prosper?

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Newest episode of the Brews and Builds Podcast, featuring Fellow Hosts Big Tuck and Mr. Combo #5!

Decklist Here:
Does Victory Result in Prosper?

Welcome to Episode 131 of Brews and Builds, featuring Fellow Hosts MrComboNumber5 & BigTuck!

BigTuck has come to the run down shack of MrComboNumber5 pleading for assistance in his search for a sweaty way to win with Prosper……. Does MrComboNumber5 have the necessary incantations to pull from exile a victory? Or will this be another dark mark on his past…


Ramp, set up, and stabilization


Interaction with the board and keeping yourself alive


Ways to ACTUALLY win the game!


Chaos and pet cards

Big Tuck’s Picks
Bag of Devouring
Mr. Combo #5’s Picks
Reckless Endeavor


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