Brews and Builds: Episode #151 -Say Yes to the Deck- Imoen is Traveling Far

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Newest episode of the Brews and Builds Podcast, featuring Fellow Hosts Big Tuck and Mr. Combo #5!

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Say Yes to the Deck- Imoen is Traveling Far

Welcome to Episode 150 of Brews and Builds, featuring Fellow Hosts MrComboNumber5 & BigTuck!

So before BigTuck journeyed to our brethren north of us MrComboNumber5 wanted to assist in his great deck deconstruction movement. Azorius was one of those color pies that he just NEVER plays anymore. So Imoen, Mystic Trickster backgrounded with Far Traveler is a great fun combo! We are doing the initiative and venture all day LONG! Doing blink and combat shenanigans to get as many triggers as possible on every turn!

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