Brews and Builds: Episode #154 -The CMC Game! Feat. Darigaaz Choice Control

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Newest episode of the Brews and Builds Podcast, featuring Fellow Hosts Big Tuck and Mr. Combo #5!

Decklist Here:

Welcome to Episode 154 of Brews and Builds, featuring Fellow Hosts MrComboNumber5 & BigTuck!

Another new segment coming your way. It’s the CMC Game!!!! This is where we take a patrons deck and talk about 1 of our favorite cards each from (you guessed it) each CMC! Then the recommendations even have a CMC twist (will need to listen in for that)

Today LeaZea offered up their Darigaaz, the Igniter choice deck! Now you know BigTuck loves some modality in card design but was this a “bit” taken too far or is there a diamond in the rough here with a really fun interactive deck!

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