Brews and Builds: Episode #70 – Lazav’s Thrift Shop

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Newest episode of the Brews and Builds Podcast, featuring Fellow Hosts Big Tuck and Mr. Combo #5!

Next up in the look in the mirror month AKA The Godfather’s decks, we go through the first deck that Big Tuck contributed with his leftovers from the Dimir Guildgate kit! Luckily the GF was able to figure out a way to make Lazav, Dimir Mastermind his own Shapeshifter! Will the boys find a way to make him even MORE Multifarious, or will they continue to not see the Guildkit and the Rogue Precon in the same room? Tune in to find out!

It’s VERY weird to see how many weird shows are on BBC that haven’t been co-opted yet…

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To win, RT, Like & Subscribe to the cast. Winner announced on the Action 4 News episode released on 1/5/2021!

Decklist Here:
Lazav’s Thrift Shop


Ramp, set up, and stabilization


Interaction with the board and keeping yourself alive


Ways to ACTUALLY win the game!


Chaos and pet cards

Big Tuck’s Picks
Curse of Vengeance
Mr. Combo #5’s Picks
Helm of the Host



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