• CMDTower Special: Preview Edition!

    Heeeyyy Cats and Kittens! Big Tuck here from CMDTower trying to reach you via text instead of voice! Don’t worry we still know that there’s a series of tubes involved, […]

  • Survival of the FittestSurvival of the Fittest

    Leaps Above Survival

    Ever since Evolutionary Leap was spoiled I have seen many posts stating that “it’s a strictly worse ” but in my opinion this is not the case, Evolutionary Leap is in-fact better than Survival of […]

  • Hazezon Tamar Primer

    This past week I picked up , a General from Legends that some people call, “the original Avenger of Zendikar“. Hazezon’s card text can be fairly hard to understand so for […]

  • Scams in Magic

    Cheating in Magic is a subject matter that is never an easy to discuss as there are many different opinions on the subject. Some people think its as bad as punching a baby. Some […]