Conspiracy EDH Review: White

All 210 cards from Conspiracy have been spoiled and here at CMDTower, we think it’s time to find the cards that can be added into your EDH collection.

Please note, before I begin I with the EDH review I wanted to explain the cards that I didn’t put in this post. There are some cards that aren’t legal in Commander so those will not be reviewed. Also the cards that include the word “draft” in them will not be reviewed as well, as their mechanics don’t really function in Commander.


First up! [magic]Ajani’s Sunstriker[/magic]: This 2/2 lifelink cat has been printed once before in M13. He didn’t see much EDH play then and I really don’t see it being playable now.

[magic]Apex Hawks[/magic] originally printed in Worldwake has some EDH potential but not a ton. This card would be awesome in a deck that’s goal is to produce infinite mana (to make this bird HUGE). Past that I really don’t see this card being a solid pickup for the collection.

Bragos Representative

[magic]Brago’s Representative[/magic] is an interesting card and pairs well with the Conspiracy mechanic, Will of the council. This card will certainly be a limited all star (when built around it) but not an EDH one as it’s very circumstantial.

Council Guardian

[magic]Council Guardian[/magic] has some EDH potential, I see it fitting into a Political Puppets style deck. With its Will of the council mechanic this card can put in work if you have friends at the table. I don’t think I will be adding this to my personal collection but I’m sure this card could fit into someone else’s.

Councils Judgment

[magic]Council’s Judgement[/magic], is an awesome EDH card. This card is my favorite type of removal in EDH, exile. The fact that this card has absolutely no downside for you in the end is a great reason to pick it up. Sure it’s Sorcery speed, but on the off chance that everybody chooses a different target, you get to exile four non-land permanents for only three mana. This will definitely be going into my EDH collection and I hope you pick some up too.

[magic]Courier Hawk[/magic] is seeing its second printing in Conspiracy but it wont be seeing any of my EDH binders.

Custodi Soulbinders

[magic]Custodi Soulbinders[/magic] looks like it can be a powerful card when put into the right deck. I see this card playing well in a token deck or in decks that utilize [magic]Skullclamp[/magic] as a draw mechanic. A worthwhile pickup for anyone looking to play tokens and creature heavy builds.

Custodi Squire

[magic]Custodi Squire[/magic] has an interesting mechanic. I prefer [magic]Replenish[/magic] and other cards that target my graveyard but if you want to make some friends this is the card for your EDH deck.

[magic]Doomed Traveler[/magic] was just an awesome card when it was standard legal but I just don’t have space for it in my EDH decks.

[magic]Glimmerpoint Stag[/magic] saw its first printing in the Scars block and sees a good deal of play in EDH decks. This is a solid pickup and a powerful card in the right EDH deck.

[magic]Guardian Zendikon[/magic] is a fun card that made its debut in Worldwake. This card, and cards like it haven’t made it any of my EDH decks but I imagine they could fit into a [magic]Doran, the Siege Tower[/magic] deck.

[magic]Intangible Virtue[/magic] has been an anthem that has been placed in many EDH decks and will for many years to come.

[magic]Kor Chant[/magic] got a face-lift with some new art, a great improvement on its original Exodus printing. I like this card, but it is very circumstantial.

[magic]Moment of Heroism[/magic] is just not powerful enough for EDH. It’s not going into my binders.

[magic]Noble Templar[/magic], originally printed in Scourge just doesn’t give enough bang for its mana cost. I like the fact that it has Plainscycling but I would rather use that spot for something better.

[magic]Pillarfield Ox[/magic] … no.

[magic]Pride Guardian[/magic], originally printed in M12 has great artwork but that is about it. This card just isn’t good enough for EDH.

[magic]Pristine Angel[/magic] is a great card for certain decks. This card offers great protection when needed and damage when the moment is right. This is definitely going into the binder.

[magic]Reya Dawnbringer[/magic] is a lightning rod and for good reason. This card can put in work if not stopped fast enough. A near mint copy is always a welcome addition to my EDH binders.

Rousing of Souls

[magic]Rousing of Souls[/magic] is a new card and it seems like it has some potential, it creates creatures and has a draw mechanic (something white doesn’t do often). I think I will go for this card in foil only.


[magic]Rout[/magic] got an amazing makeover in Conspiracy. This card has more than just EDH potential, its simply playable, and with the new art you can bet I will be picking up at-least one copy of this card.

[magic]Silverchase Fox[/magic] is a reprint but I don’t see it doing much in EDH. Its ability seems nice but I don’t see it happening

[magic]Soulcatcher[/magic] got a makeover in Conspiracy and I have seen this card in decks before. Good foil pickup.

[magic]Stave Off[/magic] saw its first printing in M12, this card has very limited EDH appeal to me. I can see it being decent in a 1v1 deck but not for multiplayer.

[magic]Swords to Plowshares[/magic] has got another printing in Conspiracy and thank god for that. This card is a white EDH staple and can be useful in most EDH games. Exiling a card is the best way to make sure you wont have to deal with it again.

[magic]Unquestioned Authority[/magic] got some new art and looks great. This card is a solid pickup in foil so keep an eye out.

[magic]Valor Made Real[/magic] was reprinted in Conspiracy and I really don’t have much to say about it. I’m not going to be putting it in my binder.

[magic]Vow of Duty[/magic] was heavily printed with the release of the first commander sets and it was usually the first card I took out of the preconstructed decks.

[magic]Wakestone Gargoyle[/magic] was originally printed as a rare and has been downgraded to an uncommon. This card has a place maybe in a defender deck but it’s not for me.

 White is all reviewed, but stay tuned to CMDTower because Blue is reviewed next! 


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