Dear Squee Vol. 10

Our favorite Audio Engineer Squee McGee answers the Collective’s most burning questions!!

Dear Squee,

What did we do to deserve such a fantastic group of people?

Squee McGee


We are now on Volume 10 of Dear Squee and I wanted to take a minute to thank each and every one of you for listening, following, interacting, and being the most badass Collective we could have asked for.  A little over a year ago Mr. Combo and Big Tuck came to me with an idea for a Magic the Gathering podcast… We were going to talk about their decks and the infamous “Path to 32.”  I am almost certain none of us thought that we would make it all the way through the full 32, and we certainly did not expect to have a following as enthusiastic as you are.  

Originally I was going to help produce the cast and interact occasionally. After the first few episodes Mr. Combo mentioned an idea to do a news segment in addition to the deck techs.  I had enjoyed my time producing the “Brews and Builds” episodes so much that I was pumped up to start talking MTG as your very own Squee McGee.  

After 5-10 Episodes we noticed an uptick in the listens and downloads of our podcast.  The Collective started growing…  

(Yep, that’s 245 GB of Brews and Builds Audio!)

I still remember to this day signing the first playmat Mr. Combo brought over.  It felt a little weird that someone wanted something signed by us, but it was heartwarming and exciting all at the same time.  As our Patreon has grown, so has our Discord.  

That is a beast that YOU ALL created!  

You are the heartbeat of the Discord and I love that everytime I look at my phone, someone is chatting, playing, or trading within the Collective.  I had been on a year or two hiatus from Magic and you brought me back. Since then I have grown as an EDH player(and I’d like to think as a person and content creator).


We have been fortunate enough to be able to interact with so many great content creators and even “The Creator” himself(Sheldon Menery).  With your support we have been able to host in person events(RIP), online battlegrounds, Youtube videos, and were nominated for the Best New Content Creators in MTG.

We are going to keep bringing our best every week because you have done exactly that for us.  

From the bottom of our hearts here at CMDTower, 

Thank you <3

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