Dear Squee Vol. 13

Our favorite Audio Engineer Squee McGee answers the Collective’s most burning questions!!

Dear Squee,

You in for some games??

Spenser (@roxytaco)

Dear Spenser:

You know what…


(End of Article)

But Seriously:

It is no secret I am averse to online paper magic(if that statement even makes sense).  I miss people, playing in person, and most importantly… a bunch of actual cards in a room duking it out.  But the most recent Dear Squee article, which covered waning inspiration triggered me a bit.  When I have played online I have thoroughly enjoyed my time… So why not play more often?  It is convenient and interactive(insert marketing statement here).  

Grumpy Old Man:

I have boiled down all of the above aversion to being a grudgingly old man… You know…

“It’s just not like it used to be.”

“We used to have amazing in person tournaments, and cards were only a nickel!

“Back in my day the game was pure…”

Welp… here is Squee giving himself the proverbial finger.  Times have changed!

Everytime I have played an online game I have enjoyed my time and learned something to boot. Of course it is different, but in some very redeeming ways.  I get to play games with people I would not have been able to just one year ago, and get to see decks that are outside of my normal playgroup.  I can’t emphasize this enough… The meta has expanded in our recent times almost due to necessity, but the games are stronger than ever.  Magic is bigger than ever… I am truly blown away that a card game I loved as a kid is still going.  End of grumpy old man mode… Squee is back to game. 


The box of gold has allowed me to dive into some cards I never planned on having access to(Oh Boo Hoo Squee!).  I have some plans for deck updates, and yes I know you all are waiting on the edge of your seats for Rhys’ 248th card.  But as of now, I’ll be coming to a game near you with new and improved decks.  Just give me a few weeks to sort things out!

Thank you for asking and we will Jam(not jame) soon.



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  1. Chuck the Slice

    That was very well said. Ive recently dived into spelltable for my first time and its been great! Its allowed me to double the number of games I was getting each week. Looking forward to squaring off witj you in the battlegrounds sometime!

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