Dear Squee Vol. 7

Our favorite Audio Engineer Squee McGee answers the Collective’s most burning questions!!

Dear Squee,

Should I run manalith in any of my edh decks? I know it’s a bit too efficient and some people may call it cEDH level, but I’m really wanting to upgrade my decks you know?

-Pips Don’t Lie

Dear Mr. Pips, 

Here is what we know…

  1. Manalith Claps.
  2. More than 6000 people agree(EDHREC Don’t Lie).

Obviously it prides itself on generating mana of any color.  Every multi-colored deck needs this. DUH.  

Obviously it ramps and plays well with artifact synergies. DUH.

Obviously the card art and flavor text are dope. DUH.

What is not so obvious is why this card gets an elusive 5 out of 3 rating using Chuck the Slice’s rating system.  

Steady As a Rock:

So many times during the “Saga of Manalith” (an ongoing bit in our alternate universe podcasts #MTGACTION4NEWS and Brews and Builds) people have said… 

“Squee there are just better versions of this card everywhere.”

I would like to use this segment to introduce a new mechanic in EDH.  

INVISIBILITY:  “The ability of a card to go unnoticed on a boardstate for an entire game.” 

Part of what makes a mana rock great is its ability to stay on the board. Nothing feels worse than playing a great mana rock and watching it get spot removed to slow you down.  NOT TODAY! In the history of Manalith I feel confident that the percentage of times a player has tried to remove it is less than 1%. Pro Tip: Utilizing non-foil copies of Manalith increases the power of its invisibility.

Not only does Manalith have Invisibility itself, but when applied correctly to your boardstate… It can also transfer this invisibility onto the player.  If played correctly Manalith takes your opponents from hostile to docile.  

Let’s build a quick scenario…   

You are in a 4 player game of EDH.  The first player nets an early Sol Ring, Player 2 nets a fetch land and a Signet, Player 3 nets a Mox Amber and a land, and you have a trusty Manalith in your grip.  Once the other players have played out their early ramp cards and turn 3 comes around… YOU MIGHT AS WELL BE INVISIBLE.  Next plop that Manalith on the board and the table will have dismissed you entirely.  You now have the rest of the game to scheme out your victory.  Take your time, as we discussed in previous articles you only want the illusion of doing mediocre to poorly.  Sit and wait for the right moment of weakness, tap that Manalith down and shock the board with an expert strike.  

If done properly by the time you’ve won the game, the rest of the board will be in such awe that they will forget what started this whole victory lap in the first place… It is important to note you never want to credit Manalith in a win.  The invisibility gets weaker with every moment of recognition.  As the proprietor of Manalith I find it necessary to spread the word to those worthy of its greatness.  This article is pushing the very boundaries of its invisibility, but fear not… I feel its strength is in the EDH communities’ ignorance.  The next time you hear someone say you have to get that card out of your deck, smile, chuckle on the inside, and win that game of paper!

Manalith is a mindset and the embodiment of “Sittin’ Tight.”  

A Silent Upgrade:

Mr Pips… you are correct this card is too efficient for its own good, but the beauty in its efficiency is that the table is none the wiser. Looking for an effective upgrade to your deck and your overall win ratios? Look no further than the illustrious Manalith.



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