Magic’s early years produced some of the most powerful cards ever printed. Some of these early production cards are banned in Commander and all are part of the Reserved List (a list of cards that will never be reprinted). One of these early production cards happens to be my favorite and is a powerhouse in the Commander format, and that is the one I will be sharing with you today.

[magic]Earthcraft[/magic] was released in 1997 in the Tempest set of the Rath block. [magic]Earthcraft[/magic], is a two to cast Enchantment that states “Tap an untapped creature you control: Untap target basic land . That may seem pretty weak and may just provide some ramp but let me show you how powerful a utility card this truly is.

First let me address the obvious card that should change your mind and that is [magic]Squirrel Nest[/magic]. [magic]Squirrel Nest[/magic], when paired with [magic]Earthcraft[/magic] can create infinite squirrel tokens. Now that the Commander 2013 sets are out there is another card, [magic]Spawning Grounds[/magic] when paired with [magic]Earthcraft[/magic] creates infinite 5/5 beast tokens.

This article really isn’t about the infinite combo utility that [magic]Earthcraft[/magic] provides this card is so much more than that. [magic]Earthcraft[/magic] turns regular land enchants into much more than a once a turn play. Let me show you what I mean, take [magic]Caustic Tar[/magic] for example, normally this would only allow you to do this once but with [magic]Earthcraft[/magic] out you can repeat this effect any number of times (as number of creatures permits). The same can be said about:




[magic]Elvish Guidance[/magic]


[magic]Fertile Ground[/magic]


[magic]Flowering Field[/magic]


[magic]Forbidden Lore[/magic]


[magic]Leafdrake Roost[/magic]


[magic]Noxious Field[/magic]




[magic]Racecourse Fury[/magic]




[magic]Sunken Field[/magic]


[magic]Tin Street Market[/magic]


[magic]Underworld Connections[/magic]


The list goes on and on…

That is just the land enchants, does it help with creatures?

Absolutely, for example lets see how it works with [magic]Ghave, Guru of Spores[/magic]. Ghave when paired with [magic]Earthcraft[/magic] and [magic]Ivy Lane Denizen[/magic] or more preferably [magic]Juniper Order Ranger[/magic] creates a very powerful synergy that can just win the game.

Also there is the new mechanic released with Born of the Gods and that is called Inspired. Inspired provides an ability when ever a creature is untapped. For example lets say I have an [magic]Arbiter of the Ideal[/magic] on the field with [magic]Earthcraft[/magic] and [magic]Puppeteer[/magic]. I can use [magic]Earthcraft[/magic]’s ability to tap the Arbiter then with the mana created use [magic]Puppeteer[/magic]’s ability to untap the Arbiter to trigger its Inspired ability.

Hopefully this article has provided you some insight into the powerhouse that is [magic]Earthcraft[/magic]. I have been playing with this card for a long time and it has never let me down. I would suggest picking up a copy for your self as this card will never be reprinted and can only go up in value, that being said for those readers who do already use [magic]Earthcraft[/magic] I would like to hear from you some of the ways you use it. Please feel free to leave your comments and stories below.

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