M15 A Look Forward

M15 Core Set

Magic 2015 Core Set spoilers are just on the horizon and today we got a sneak peak at two of them.

Soul of Zendikar   Soul of Ravnica


With every new spoiled card I like to look at the viability of that card for EDH.

[magic]Soul of Zendikar[/magic] and [magic]Soul of Ravnica[/magic] both start out as very solid cards as they are both 6/6 for 6 mana, but EDH is more than just CMC to x/x.

It’s about abilities! 

Both Soul of Zendikar and Soul of Ravnica offer up three abilities each and both avatars have totally abusable abilities (which are my favorite kind).

[magic]Soul of Zendikar[/magic] seems solid pick for a [magic]Ghave, Guru of Spores[/magic], [magic]Rhys the Redeemed[/magic], [magic]Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice[/magic] and [magic]Selvala, Explorer Returned[/magic].

[magic]Soul of Ravnica[/magic] doesn’t have as much of a range as the Soul of Zendikar but I’m sure it has some viability. This guy definitely seems like it needs infinite mana to be viable as the cost to draw cards seems so expensive for what you are getting. That being said tho, both of these guys can use Infinite mana to just win the game.

Soul of Ravnica + [magic]Laboratory Maniac[/magic] + Infinite Mana = Win

Soul of Zendikar + Infinite Mana = Win

With these two official spoilers begins the M15 spoiler season and as more cards start to come out I’ll be sure to post what I believe to be their EDH potential. As always I would love to hear what you think of the new cards so please leave your comments below.



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