Protecting What Matters

Two months ago UltraPro asked me to check out their Magic: The Gathering Magic Command Tower deck box for a product review. At first, I intended to write the review as soon as it was delivered and go off my initial reaction. After some thought, I decided that wasn’t fair to UltraPro or the readers, so instead I took my time to use the product and write an honest review.


The Good: 

  • Storage: This box has a ton of it, far more than any other Commander-designed deck box I have used. The outside packaging says the top compartment can hold a sleeved 100 card deck but that’s not true. It can hold the entire Commander deck and every RK Post token I needed to go with it. Well more than 100 cards!
  • Bottom Compartment: I own a few other deck boxes that have a second compartment but none of them had this kind of space. I was able to transfer my entire dice bag (well over 40 dice) directly into the bottom and it held up beautifully. The dice stayed in the bottom compartment even while in transport (which is awesome since I hate chasing loose dice).
  • Deck Lift Strap: I’m sure we have all experienced this at one point and it’s a Magic player’s worse nightmare! You open your deck box and you pinch all your cards together so you can slide the entire deck out at one time. Once you clear the lip of the deck box the cards in the middle of the deck shoot everywhere (especially if they are new sleeves). The deck strap eliminates this situation from ever occurring and makes me curious why every deck box doesn’t come with this as a standard feature.

The Bad: 

  • Magnet Seal: In UltraPro’s original Commander boxes they used velcro to seal the lid and now their newest version uses a magnet seal. It’s nice to have such a clean opening but I found the seal to not be as strong. At one point, the box flipped over in my bag while I was traveling and the deck slipped out. The cards weren’t damaged but it did make me more cautious about the boxes orientation going forward.
  • Oversized Card Compartment: I don’t use the oversized commander cards and I don’t many people that do. I ended up using it for a life tracking pad which was… nice, but I feel they could of used that space for something else.


Final Thoughts: 

UltraPro has never let me down in the past and this product was no exception. The product is solid and is definitely worth picking up. UltraPro has a good understanding of what Commander players need and what they want to protect. Great job, guys.

Thanks to UltraPro for giving me this opportunity.  Share your thoughts below or on Twitter.


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  1. Gilbo

    I’m always a little worried about magnetic enclosures now. My last magnetic box separated from the backing around the magnet so I had to glue the box back down. I’ve actually switched all my boxes to those cheap two piece hard plastic boxes that slide together. They’re not the nicest but they really are quite waterproof. Might help me if my house ever springs a leak.

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