“Whenever An Opponent”

One of the most powerful statements to ever appear on a card begins with “whenever an opponent”. This card text has created some of the most recognizable and powerful cards in the Commander format.

Don’t believe me? Check out…

Erayos Essence

and if Erayo wasn’t powerful enough add [magic]Curse of Exhaustion[/magic] to the battlefield and you have locked one of your opponents out of casting anything (keep in mind tho… you still have to deal with their current board state).

Need card advantage? Get card advantage!

Consecrated Sphinx

[magic]Consecrated Sphinx[/magic] is an expensive card for a reason, it wins games. No card will provide you better card advantage than this Sphinx (provided it stays alive).

Don’t want to risk a creature? No problem, play this…

Minds Eye

This can draw you numerous cards (at a cost), but can give you some serious card advantage.

Want to be at 4 mana at the start of turn 2?


Want to run fewer counter spells?


Want to ensure you find the right converted mana cost to counter your opponent spell combine this with [magic]Sensei’s Divining Top[/magic].

Need a way to gain some life?

Rewards of Diversity

Want to cheat some creatures into play?

Lurking Predators

and the list goes on and on…

My point is this, take advantage of cards use this rule and incorporate them into your deck and you will see the advantages almost instantly.

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