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9/22 Not So Accurate Set Review (Zendikar Rising)

9/15: Zendikar Rising Commander Decks – Legit or Not?

9/8: MTG in 2021!!! What is on the (Modern) Horizon

9/1: Commander Spellbook Broke?

8/25: Harvesting Your Hops

8/18: Playing the Magic Lottery

8/11: When Does Oppressive Become Too Oppressive In Casual Meta’s Feat CMDTower (Mr. T)

8/4: Not So Accurate Set Review (Double Masters)

7/28: The “Grain” Philosophy in Deck Building Featuring The Goad

7/21: Are You Actually Good? Or Just Draft Fodder?

7/7: Not So Accurate Set Review (Jumpstart Edition)

6/26: Not-So Accurate Set Review (M21 Edition)

6/19: To Buy or Not to Buy?

6/12: Bad Tribes Gone Good?

5/26: Talking Vorthos Movie Pitch w/ MTGLordOfLeaves!

5/19: Overrated or Underrated Cards in EDH

5/12: To Companion or Not Companion?

5/5: MagicFest In A Box?

4/28: Precon into DEFCON

4/21: Ikoria Lair of Behemoths Top Cards!

4/14: Commander 20 Top Cards

4/7: Ikoria Mechanics and Go Go Go GODZILLA

3/31: Collection Organization

3/24: Anthem Me This

3/17: Navigating coronavirus and a MTG life

3/10: Proxy vs Alter’s vs Gold Boarded vs Alter Sleeves

3/3: Let’s Talk About Ramp Baby!

2/25: Ikoria Commander 2020 Tin Foil Hats

2/18: Commanders we LOVE. Commanders we HATE

2/11: Content Creator Tips and Tricks

2/4: Infinite Combo’s, Yay or Nay?

1/28: Enchantment Whoa’s Got You Down?

1/21: EDHREC Andrew chimes in Theros Beyond Death Part 2

1/14: Top 3 All Time Favorite God Show Down

1/7: Theros Beyond Death Top Cards Part 1

12/31: NYE Resolutions

12/24: Naughty or Nice List

12/17: Commander Smith’s Lowry Talks Politics

12/10: What’s the secret in Secret Lairs

12/3: Sheldon “The Godfather” Menery Weighs In

11/19: Mystery No More, What’s in those Boosters?

11/12: Commander 2020 and Golgari Partners?

11/5: Pioneer Being a “Thing” and Fate Counter Orzhov Stuff

10/29: Feat. JasonEAlt from EDHREC

10/22: Theros Theories and Fungus Tribal?

10/15: Favorite/Least Color Pairing Debate and Mono Red Everyone Lose Tribal

10/8: WOTC Evolution with Limited Cards and Old Token Legend Helming EDH

10/1: Value Planeswalker’s, New Throne of Eldraine Mechanics and a Differentiating Dimir

9/24: C19 Sealed Budget Finds, Reaction to CommandFest/CommandZone and Sleeper Mono Black General

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TWD - TV-MA MTG - 13+ I was in the camp of more legendary = better, but after reading @thespikefeeders post (specifically Negan’s backstory), I’m going in the camp perhaps not everything needs a crossover. Even if this was a refaced card.

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Ep 84, The Reserved List Doesn't Matter Community: Reserved List price spikes - Do they even matter? Tech: The abilities of Vanishing (in Planar Chaos) and Fading. Set Retro: Planar Chaos! A groundbreaking set for Magic. Find it/support the cast here: patreon.com/posts/41935515 Retweeted by MrComboNumber5