Dear Squee Vol. 9

Our favorite Audio Engineer Squee McGee answers the Collective’s most burning questions!!

Dear Squee,

What kind of monsters don’t match their basics? Am I a monster for having to match ALL my basics?

Show me a sign!

Matthew Hopkins

Dear Mr. Hopkins, 

Cringeworthy article of the year coming right up! 

You have to match your basics right? The confidence of a beautifully coordinated mana base affects more than just your boardstate.  In my experience, other players generally notice a well done land base and will compliment you on it.  

Boosting your confidence and building an ally at the table always feels good.

I’m going to say it…. If we are going to support an uncoordinated basic land base, we might as well approve of upside down cards, non matched sleeves, and post-it note labels for cards we don’t own yet. 

Are you a monster?:

No! Unless your basic land base is worth more than your deck(Whoops I guess I am a monster in one case).  

I have always done my very best to have basics from the same set, and ideally with the same artwork.  With all the beautiful full art lands, vintage, and foil variants of basics it’s easy to keep your mana base fresh from deck to deck.  

What’s my preference of lands you ask? Old white bordered lands that have a darker than usual print run.  The white border lands are so bold, and the old artwork and print runs look SOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD.  Insert the best land set of all time.  

There are three variants of these lands, but these particular prints just strike me.  The colors are so rich, the art is fantastic, and they have no tap symbol.  Everything is just so clean and simple.  

To foil or not to foil?

I am firmly on team not to foil.  Don’t get me wrong, I love foil lands when they are done well and do collect them to a degree.  But for all of my decks, I much prefer non-foil lands.  Maybe that’s my humble and non-gaudy midwestern sensibility coming through(Who am I kidding, I’m gaudy AF). I have always felt that a foiled out set of lands sends a very strong message to the table.

 “This deck is blinged out and no dollar has been spared”   

Classy non-foil basics tell the table I came to play, I’ve got some taste, and I’ve been in the MTG world for a while. 

I hope this gives you some guidance and culls your reservations about being a monster.  A coordinated attack is always the best plan 😉



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