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  • “Whenever An Opponent”

    One of the most powerful statements to ever appear on a card begins with “whenever an opponent”. This card text has created some of the most recognizable and powerful cards […]

  • Commander Rules

    Commander is a multi-player, free-for-all, singleton format of Magic: The Gathering. What this means is that, other than basic lands, each card in a player’s deck must have a different […]

  • Better Packages: Counter Spells

    Love it or hate it, counters are here to stay. My philosophy when it comes to counters is “if your enemy is angry, irritate him” and counters irritate even the […]

  • Earthcraft

    Magic’s early years produced some of the most powerful cards ever printed. Some of these early production cards are banned in Commander and all are part of the Reserved List […]

  • Better Packages: Pillow Fort

    When it comes to defense in a Commander game the right cards can make the difference between winning and losing. Some players tend to focus on a counter package, a […]